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YouTube Video: Video first: The new content revolution moving of video

Posted by Xue Mei Rhodin on June 17, 2017


In this video Xue Mei Rhodin tells us about how online content is moving to Video First.

Your audience or your customers prefer video to any other kind of content. This new shift brings many new challenges to businesses and entrepreneurs who have been able to remain unseen. Now people want to see you, and you have to learn how to work video into your brand.

Luckily, we're here to help. Send any questions about getting into video to us here in the comments or at Twitter or Instagram

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Topics: Brand & Storytelling, Marketing Strategy, YouTube Videos

YouTube Video: How to correctly segment millennials for marketing research and product development

Posted by Xue Mei Rhodin on June 16, 2017


Millennials are actually two different groups, Gen-Y and Gen-Z. Knowing this, we must stop thinking of them as one group.

Understanding the major differences between the generations will get you better sales with their market, better insights when hiring them into your company and more.


Topics: Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, YouTube Videos

YouTube Video: How to Disrupt like AirBnB and UBER

Posted by Xue Mei Rhodin on June 16, 2017


How Disrupt like AirBnB and UBER: Amazing success can be found in digitizing an old industry, especially if you're the first to do it. But before you join the ranks of Uber and AirBnB, you must meet some important needs of your customers.

How can you change your business model?
What can you make customers feel safe when you disrupt an industry?

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Structure and Scaling, YouTube Videos

YouTube Video: How to Thrive When Your Industry Changes.

Posted by Xue Mei Rhodin on June 16, 2017


What do you do when your industry is being turned upside down? The media has been suffering massive disruption with floods of amateurs entering their market via podcasts and video.

People don't want to pay to news anymore! How media companies respond will make or break them. And there just two ways to respond.
Would you choose the right way?

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Leadership & Mindset, Structure and Scaling, YouTube Videos

YouTube Video: Google's filter bubble danger, how algorithms affect our lives.

Posted by Xue Mei Rhodin on June 16, 2017


Filter bubbles happen in Google, Spotify, Netflix, and anywhere else search results are filtered to suite your previous tastes and interest.
Convenient? Yes. Good for unbiased results and the flow of new things into your life? No

When algorithms decide what we see and hear, they shape our life. That is the filter bubble. What should today's developers and tech companies do with this?

Come tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Topics: Marketing Strategy, YouTube Videos

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