The Personal Branding Masterclass by Xue Mei Rhodin

For Entrepreneurs, Social Media Stars & Careerist
who want better pay, better clients, more followers and a stronger brand.


I have been building my own personal brand as well as many companies and leaders brand within the tech, IT, design and game industries for over 10 years.
It is one of the areas that I get most questions about when out speaking to audiences of hundreds of people wanting to become better at presenting themselves.

  • How can I improve my personal brand?
  • What social media channels should I use? How can I grow my channels like you?
  • How will I stand out next to others when searching for a job?
  • How do I get something out of my networking?
  • How will I make people remember me?
  • How can I get interviewed by magazines, podcasts and other media?
  • How can I build my own media?
  • How can I be more confident?
  • How can I feel comfortable presenting my company?
  • How can I act so people buy my products without me looking so "Selly".

They are aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to get better clients and get more offers.
They are experienced investors and third time entrepreneurs. 
They are careerists looking to get hired by great companies. 
They are aspiring social media stars looking to gain a following and get sponsorship deals.
They are Podcasters, YouTubers and content creators.
and even leaders at Google, Spotify and ABB looking to position themselves better.

Sounds like you?

This is a simple-to-follow video course with excersises, examples, templates and links to give you:

  • Basic and advance knowledge about how to build personal brands.
  • Famous examples to copy and learn from.
  • Customized excersises to help you build your own. 

This is my first, last and only
Personal Branding Masterclass ever given.

Where I'll share ALL the secrets that I never reveal to audiences elsewhere and that I only share with my highest paying clients.

You've been nagging me so many years now that I simply do this to have somewhere to send you. 


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