Mattias Ringbjer

Financial strategy adviser with

a passion for technology and innovation.

Co-founder of Cedarwood and Tribes Entrepreneur Management


 Raised in the north of Sweden.

Mattias was raised in the north of Sweden, Norrland, near the Arctic Circle.

Among the snowy mountains, northern lights and deep forests.

With a passion for entrepreneurship, he started studying entrepreneurship, law and finances early on. Since then he's managed sale-teams, investor processes and finances in multiple industries in Sweden and Finland. 

In his free-time he values family, nature and traveling, likes to driving fast cars and secretly want to become a stunt-driver.

Innovation, change and entrepreneurship

Ideas for change.

There is a reason I've worked with innovation teams within renewable energy and new digital solutions for companies. I believe in innovation and technology as a means of creating better lives for people.


Companies for change.

Through founding Cedarwood with my co-worker Xue Mei Rhodin, I've seen the effects of innovating the way we do business and the effect it has on customers and employees alike. "Business as usual" no longer works and being part of  companies journeys towards socially, environmentally and strategically sound organizations is exhilarating.


People for change.

It inspires me to work with entrepreneurial co-workers and clients that share my view of entrepreneurship as a driving mechanism for creating new ways of life for themselves and people around them.



Mattias Ringbjer


Skills & experience

"I love numbers. Numbers tells me as much about companies 
as the scent of a soup tells a chef about it's ingredients."



Responsible for investing processes, investment memorandums and managing stockholder relationships in several innovation companies.


Having 12 years of experience in handling accounting and financial strategies for multiple companies has given me not only a passion for numbers but a unique sense of how to work with financial strategies.


From companies planning for a market introduction to founder-teams and sole traders, I've done strategies for a variety of purposes and ownership goals.


Several years of experience in building organizational structures from a strategic long term perspective.


Started my first sales-company 19 years old with offices in Stockholm, Västerås and Norrköping. Led a sales-team and managed products in multiple industries giving me a keen understanding of clients' market conditions.


My experience from two different law firms and handling multiple agreement negotiations for different companies gives our clients a head start in building and starting their companies the right way.




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