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Xue Mei Rhodin mentors at Startup Weekend Media & Gaming Stockholm

Posted by Steve Ferris on 17 February 2015


Xue Mei Rhodin, founder of Cedarwood and Startup Cabin, is going be on of the mentors for the next Startup Weekend here in Stockholm. 

The theme is Gaming and Media. It seems like the tech scene in Stockholm is really warming up to Gaming! Which we are thrilled about. 

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that brings together Stockholm designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains to hack out something together. 

The line-up of mentors is great for this Startup Weekend:

Sanna Nilsson, CEO and Founder at Codarica.

You'll recognize Sanna from our episode interviewing her and her co-founders from L.A. when they attended the Disney Accelerator.
You'll also find our post Lessons from Codarica on our blog on what the founders of Codarica learned moving their startup to the US during the Disney Accelerator.

Pontus Rundqvist, DreamHack Project Manager.

You'll recognize Pontus from the episode about DreamHack and Hackathons, where we talked about the huge potential of e-sports and gaming.


Mikael Ahlström, Owner & CEO of Sprout Park, Britny, DFM and The Park.

Per Åström, Innovation Manager at TV4.

Xue Mei Rhodin, Founder of Cedarwood and Startup Cabin.

You can listen to Xue Mei's special episode on building a Q-Plan, Cedarwood's own process for scheduling and following up big goals in your company. You can also read her posts on games and startups.

Event date: Friday, February 27 - March 1, 2015 

You can join Startup Weekend Games & Media here.

Want to participate? Use coupon code I_love_startups and save 25% 


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