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Simple Tips for a Rockin' Pitch

Posted by Steve Ferris on 10 December 2014


Ever see a pitch where the person tells a long, boring story, or takes the stage with the energy of a paper bag? You start feel really bad for them, right?. Well, for investors, who get pitched all the time, there is very little patience to try and figure out what exactly your pitching them. You have to pitch it fast, clear and convince them that you're "the one" for the job, and that your product is valuable. Here are 10 simple tips for a rockin' pitch.

1. Be crazy in love.

Your passion for your product is the single most important thing that will sell you as the person to get this done. It’s good to be crazy, a bit mad over what you are creating. You have to be crazy to work as long and hard  as these things often take.

2. Beat the clock.

You have less than a minute to explain why your stuff is awesome, and why you should make it. Many people will decide on whether they are interested within the first 20 seconds. 

3. Get to the point already! 

Now that you’ve got their attention, get to the good stuff fast. Your audience doesn't want to be lead on. Let them ask for the details afterward. Now is the time to get them in your net, so leave out unnecessary stories and scenerios that set up your pitch.

4. Don’t do what everybody else does. 

Avoid cliche things. There are certain images and words that everybody is using in your market, don’t try look like them. Investors get pitched the same stuff all the time. You really need to have something original about your presentation.

5. Don’t get techy. 

Try not to use a lot of techy talk (I don't like the word, "jargon")  Just try to talk like a normal person and say why this product matters to the consumer. As long as it works, It could be fueled by dragon blood for all we care.

6. “We’re Netflix for underwear.”

You get the idea. Use analogies. It could be argued that this is overdone, but it is effective. Make it easy to understand how you’re bringing value.

7. Make YOUR OWN pitch. 

There are a lot of templates out there for the perfect pitch, but you need to do what feels natural for you and your business. At most, use those templates as a checklist to help guide you in gathering the right information.

8. What’s so great about you?

The investors what to know, “Why are you better than what’s currently available?” You will need a strong case as to why you are faster, cheaper, easier, better for grandmas and so on.

9. Don’t be a punk.

Be respectful of the industry, and don't talk bad about established companies in your market or your competition. Stay positive and focus on talking about why you're different.

10. Sell the dream.

Ultimately a lot of the response you get is based on emotion. You need to weave a story, a dream, a big vision into your pitch that will give investors a good, warm feeling. You're not just selling a product or service. Figure out what you're really selling. Is it a feeling of security, relief, love, power, sexiness? That's the feeling your whole pitch should be aimed at conveying to your audience.


So now you know that you gotta be quick and to the point. You know that you need to clear on the value you are offering. And you know that you need to have good energy and a positive attitude throughout the pitch. Try it out, and go rock some socks off!

Is there another tip I missed? Share it with us in the comments. I'd love to hear what your experience has been.

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