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Lessons in e-commerce from Nordic Design Collective

Posted by Steve Ferris on 02 December 2014

Nordic_design_collectivefeatured_image_twitterMaria Richardsson is the founder and owner of Nordic Design Collective.

She has made her site one of the top sites for original products from independent designers in Scandinavia, and has become a source of inspiration for many design and fashion bloggers.

Maria shared these valuable insights with us:

1. Every designer and product needs to have a story.

The story is what really adds value to whatever you're selling. This is where you can really get the most out of your product description section. Here's a funny example about Micheal Jackson's plastic horse,  a piece of junk that sold for over $50 because of a MADE UP story. 


2. Running a startup is all about making mistakes.

Every accomplished person has fallen on their face at some time. Ask a lot of questions, learn as much as you can, and when you mess it up, learn and do it better next time. It's a normal part of the process.


3. If you don't have popular keywords for SEO, try using PR. 

Maria features designers who are largely unknown, so there isn't an popular brand to use in SEO strategy. Another fact is that her store's main focus "home interior", "interior design" are massively competitive keywords. 

By using PR, Maria can get her designers and their products out in front of the people who will want them.


4. Understand where your customers are, and go there. (Maybe they aren't on Techcruch)

Focus on the customers, not the startup world. If startups are not your customers, then don't put too much PR effort into that area. The startup world is the place to find colleagues, inspiration and exciting times.


5. Get your products out on Instagram and Pinterest.

Depending on where you are in the world, one network may work better than another. The comments feature in Instagram will be a valuable source of feedback from your market.


6. Automate what you can.

Maria has set up her store so that the designers add the products, images and even ship directly to the customer. This has freed up her hours to focus on growing the business.


7. Don't forget email marketing.

Maria has found that her weekly newsletter release day is the best day for sales. Using email will help you stay at the front of your customer's mind. Get those email addresses.


8.Take your online store offline.

There may come a time when building your brand means going out to where the people are, offline. This presence in the real world will also give an added sense of security to your customers.


9. "How hard can it be."

When faced with challenges, charge them head on, knowing that there is a solution. Even if you don't find a solution the first time, you'll be better prepared for your second attempt.


We want to hear about your experience in e-commerce. Add to the conversation below in the comments.


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