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You're 2 Steps Away from Becoming an Idea Machine

Posted by Steve Ferris on 23 December 2014


Wouldn't it be sweet to be able to always have multiple ideas to solve whatever problems life threw at you? What if you could be that person everybody came to because your thinker light bulb was always turned on. Yes, that would be sweet, but we don't need to wish for that. Your "idea muscle" works the same as any other muscle. These idea workouts will turn you into an idea machine.

I've been having a great time reading "Choose Yourself" by James Altucher. One of his points is creating a daily practice of being healthy, well-rested, positive and grateful. This foundation sets you up for greater creativity. There are two practices in particular James says we should do.

Step #1: Write 10 ideas everyday

Pick anything. 10 ideas on how to make a better bike pedal, how I can make new friends, how my mom can travel more. It can be anything. Don't try to think of great ideas, just focus on getting 10. This will make your brain sweat a bit. Over time you will have accumulated 1000's of ideas. A few of those will be great. In your daily life, this brain workout will cause your overactive brain to settle down and stop running all over like a confined 4 year old child hyped up on candy.

Step #2: Read or skim multiple books a day

Pick a few books that are totally unrelated. A biography of someone you admire, a novel, a business book and a book about something that interests you, but you have no knowledge about it, tribal masks? When you are throwing all these unconnected ideas into your brain, it will start to draw lines of connection and creating new ideas. It's like all those ideas start making baby ideas. Amazing, freaky stuff is happening in our heads.

Here is James Altucher saying more about his process.



or read his blog, where he says everything better than I did.

How have you come up with great ideas? Tell us in the comments.

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