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The entrepreneurs guide to planning holidays and setting focused goals

Posted by Xue Mei Rhodin on 20 December 2014

holidays_and_goals_featured_imageIn this special holiday Podcast, I give some of my advice on planning to have a real holiday as an entrepreneur, and also some effective goal setting strategy you can you use for yourself and for your company.

Listen to the podcast here

Here is the summary of what advice was given.

You don’t have to be available 24/7

This old fashioned idea with entrepreneurs results in a reactive lifestyle that will wear on your mind and productivity. You need to give your self breaks so that you can reflect and get back into your work later with greater clarity and perspective.

You need your holiday.

3 boundaries to help you keep it.

1. Set a holiday deadline, when it starts and ends. Tell everyone and add your holiday availability into emails. Give a deadline for contacts to confirm appointments so that your schedule is set when you return to work.

2. Go through emails and schedule them to go out in January. I use the add-on sendlater3 in  Postbox. Having people resond before a certain date so you can have your schedule confirmed in advanced.

3. Use Rescue Time. It measures what you do on your computer. You decide what apps and wesites are work, and what is distracting. You can limit your work. You decide how many hours of productivity is enough. Great for when you need to step away for a time.


Set simple, focused goals

1.Keep it to 3 goals. You should know it by heart. Too many and they don’t stick.

2. Plan in quarters. Set goals in 3 month deadlines.  It's easier to stay on top of your goals and track them in these shorter intervals. Goals, whether for you, or for a team need to be visible everyday so they stay at the front of your mind.


How do you make to sure you have your holiday time to recharge? What have you done to meet your personal and business goals? 

Tell us in the comments. We want to heart it.

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