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Posted by Steve Ferris on 21 December 2014

Readers are growers. People who have a habit of reading are better positioned to advance in life. It's the effect of ideas spreading. You and I don't have all the great ideas, but lucky for us we live in an age where we can steal as many as we need. These digital book services are a great option to make it easier to find new ideas.


This San Francisco startup launched in 2013 and now offers a half million ebooks and audio books for your choose from. For $8.99 you get unlimited access on any device. They also have an open publishing platform with over 60 million documents. 


While this isn't a subscription service with books from your favorite authors, it offers another value proposition in the fact that can expose you to great new writers and give a place to connect with them. Wattpad is a reading and writing social network. You can read 75+ stories and even write your own. Follow your favorite authors, comment on the writing and grow your own following. They stress that it's "Free reading not e-reading." You can access all of it on any device. Stories can be downloaded and read offline as well.


They have been called Netflix for books. Their service learns your reading tastes and makes reccomdations for you. You can choose fom over 500,000 books to read on any device you want with no commitments. You can read unlimited books for $9.95 a month. A couple things they've worked hard on is their handpicked collections to help you find new interest, and their design that is 100% targeted to making it easier to find and experience books.

I'll add more ebook startups as I find ones with great value. My personal opinion is I'm going to drop my Kindle Unlimited subscription and sign up for Scribd. I love audio books, and that added selection makes that the best buy for me. 

What's your favorite book service? Tell us in the comments.

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