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For the love of games and startups: why I sponsor DreamHacks Hackathon

Posted by Xue Mei Rhodin on 24 September 2014

I love gaming.

I still remember the first time I played Tomb Raider. I know exactly which level I got stuck on forever and almost had a nervous breakdown with my friend as we borrowed her older brothers Playstation and played for days.

I still remember spending an entire summer with my friend playing Zelda on my GameBoy. The fat, old kind, not the slim, fancy GameBoy Color.

I've played every COD, Battlefield, Resident Evil, Army of Two and Mass Effect. With ridiculous excitement.

And I've played way too many hotel tycoon, business tycoon, train tycoon, sim cities and other goal oriented city-building games.

My best friend and I are so loud when we play co-op that his wife usually goes to a movie or bowling to be free of our shouting.

"Cover me!"

"Don't take all the sniper ammo!"

"Where are you? Why are you sneaking over there? I'm here all alone with 5 shots left and there is a Big Dude coming! Get over here!"

And I still remember playing the last version of Farm Frenzy on my Ipad. (Which was yestarday...) Because I played all versions on my iPhone already. I guess I can contribute the time-sensitive strategy games to my entrepreneurial nature, I love game where you have to think strategically and have minimal time doing so before you have to make a decision)

I'm a complete movie and game nerd. But games still beat everything else; music, film, design, illustration, art etc.

Because it's a movie where I get to be part of the story and characters journey. Where my friends get to be part of the story.

1.It's music composed to characters and stories I love.

Like these 9749 songs on this Video Game Music Playlist

Or Swedish orchestra fenomena Score, which travels around Europe playing game music live for game fans and classical music fans alike.

2. It's landscape art and illustrations with beautiful dystopian deserts, cities and deep forests:


Illustrations from Battlefield.

3. It's storytelling with exciting twists and turns not confided to the Hollywood's 1 hour and 30 minutes plot.

Minecraft players avarage playtime: 1760,25 hours.


4. It's software and hardware innovation at it's finest.


The Oculus Rift.

How OculusRift will change more than the gaming industry.

5. It's art direction of 40 hour adventures, not 3 minute commercials.

The beautiful city landscapes of Mirror's Edge

6. It's educational games, using all the learnings techniques at once to help kids learn writing, reading and math. Actually getting them excited about learning, not putting them down.


Yes, that right, that's Toca Boca House teaching yout kids how FUN cleaning is. Don't you wish you'd been taught that too?


Peppy Pals teaching kids emotional intelligence and anti-bullying behaviors.

7. It's pondering about making moral decisions and what it takes to be a leader. And what would happen if we actually had an apocalyptic event?

Like playing Mad Max and handling escaping a post-apocalyps wasteland.


And yes, how we would survive in a post-apocalyptic landscape is actually a topic of discussion for gamers. How would we deal with it?

8. When the movie has ended, you can play 40 hours with your favorite character and explore where they came from and how they became who they are.


The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Started with the movie Pitch Black in 2000 and ended with several games and several movies more.

9. It's the Lego of the 21st century, teaching kids to build things.


Spacestation built in Minecraft.

10. And Oh, I forgot to tell you, all the examples of games above are developed in Sweden except Oculus Rift. But I'm betting a lot of swedish game developers will use it in the years to come to develop new innovative games.
Most of my gamer friends already owns one.

This little tiny country packs a lot of digital punch.
1 in 10 people in the world have played a Swedish game.

The gaming industry brings in millions and millions in taxes to Sweden and creates thousands of jobs and drives many parts of our technical advancements and is soon the driver for change of our school system that is long over due.

So yes, creating more entrepreneurs in the field of game development is not only something I'm passionate about. I think it's our duty to contribute to the entrepreneurial spirit in the business, because that's part of Swedens future.

Boom. There you have it. My very dramatic post about why the swedish game industry is super duper important and why giving the opportunity for acceleration for the winners of the DreamHack Hackathon is not only fun for my company Cedarwood and for me personally, it's just what I should do as a Swedish entrepreneur and business developer.  See you at Globen Arena!


Give you comments below about the game industry and startups within this field! Or rant about your passion for games too!

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