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Moral and legal issues in startups

Posted by Steve Ferris on 08 March 2016


Companies like UBER have gotten a lot of attention from entrepreneurs because they disrupted an industry with some questionable practices that bent legal and moral boundaries.

Should startups be pushing these limits and determining what legal and moral guidelines are valid?

Or do you think that consumers and governments need to take a harsher stand against rogue startups?

We want to hear your view on this. Come tell us in the comments.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy, Leadership & Mindset

How to Understand Millennials For Your Business

Posted by Steve Ferris on 23 February 2016


Millennials are actually two different groups, Gen-Y and Gen-Z. Knowing this, we must stop thinking of them as one group.

Understanding the major differences between the generations will get you better sales with their market, better insights when hiring them into your company and more.


Topics: Marketing Strategy

How can you be more productive?

Posted by Steve Ferris on 21 February 2016


There are tools that will help you be more productive. Xue Mei has been tracking her life's data and trying to maximize her efficiency with a variety of tools and apps.

But one app stands tall about the rest, RescueTime.

Here how this has helped Xue Mei Rhodin become super productive at work.

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Teams & Tribes, Leadership & Mindset

How to Thrive When Your Industry Changes

Posted by Steve Ferris on 21 February 2016


What do you do when your industry is being turned upside down? The media has been suffering massive disruption with floods of amateurs entering their market via podcasts and video.

People don't want to pay to news anymore! How media companies respond will make or break them. And there just two ways to respond.
Would you choose the right way?

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Structure and Scaling

Google's filter bubble danger, are you stuck in one?

Posted by Steve Ferris on 18 February 2016


Filter bubbles happen in Google, Spotify, Netflix, and anywhere else search results are filtered to suite your previous tastes and interest.
Convenient? Yes. Good for unbiased results and the flow of new things into your life? No

When algorithms decide what we see and hear, they shape our life. That is the filter bubble. What should today's developers and tech companies do with this?

Come tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Leadership & Mindset

UX Principles on Physical Products

Posted by Steve Ferris on 18 February 2016


Old fashioned industries like fashion could stand to learn and revolutionize their industry by applying UX principles that have become common in tech industries.

Topics: Marketing Strategy, Goals and Accountability

Xue Mei Rhodin mentors at Startup Weekend Media & Gaming Stockholm

Posted by Steve Ferris on 17 February 2015


Xue Mei Rhodin, founder of Cedarwood and Startup Cabin, is going be on of the mentors for the next Startup Weekend here in Stockholm. 

The theme is Gaming and Media. It seems like the tech scene in Stockholm is really warming up to Gaming! Which we are thrilled about. 

Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that brings together Stockholm designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains to hack out something together. 

The line-up of mentors is great for this Startup Weekend:

Sanna Nilsson, CEO and Founder at Codarica.

You'll recognize Sanna from our episode interviewing her and her co-founders from L.A. when they attended the Disney Accelerator.
You'll also find our post Lessons from Codarica on our blog on what the founders of Codarica learned moving their startup to the US during the Disney Accelerator.

Pontus Rundqvist, DreamHack Project Manager.

You'll recognize Pontus from the episode about DreamHack and Hackathons, where we talked about the huge potential of e-sports and gaming.


Mikael Ahlström, Owner & CEO of Sprout Park, Britny, DFM and The Park.

Per Åström, Innovation Manager at TV4.

Xue Mei Rhodin, Founder of Cedarwood and Startup Cabin.

You can listen to Xue Mei's special episode on building a Q-Plan, Cedarwood's own process for scheduling and following up big goals in your company. You can also read her posts on games and startups.

Event date: Friday, February 27 - March 1, 2015 

You can join Startup Weekend Games & Media here.

Want to participate? Use coupon code I_love_startups and save 25% 


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Inherit the earth: How to do huge things before you feel ready

Posted by Steve Ferris on 24 December 2014

Inherit_the_earth_featured_image“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

― Eric Hoffer

We live in a time where knowledge and individual power is accelerating at hyperspeed. We can work smarter, grow faster, and win more than ever before because we're the learners. Here's how we can do the big things even when we don't feel ready.

When we were kids we would dream. We would desire the craziest things and see no reason why it couldn't be so. "I'm going to live in this tree house we just built out of rotten wood." "I'd like a pet whale for Christmas." Nothing crazy about that. Somewhere we developed a limited perspective. We gave up on impossible dreams we had as kids, but why? 

There has been a lot of brainwashing that you have to "pay your dues" before you can do anything of substance. This often means you need to wait your turn. Other people have been working longer than you, and they should get their chance first. Who cares? If we can hack our way ahead we should. Paying dues sucks, and if you can get more done with less effort and time, by George you ought to do it. Here are a couple ways to charge ahead and tackle those enormous ideas and impossible dreams.

Get a mentor.

Mentors can guide you around hidden traps, and show you your blindspots. They have experience that can cut years off your journey if you apply it now. A mentor can be anyone who has done what you want to do. They can be personal mentor, or a mentor from afar. By this I mean that you can learn from them through their books, blogs and YouTube videos. If you have a personal mentor, it does not need to be a formal mentor/mentee relationship. If you can be honest with them and they are willing to be honest with you, that's ideal. Your relationship could just be an occasional email where you tell them what you're doing and allowing them to offer feedback. Asking them out for coffee can look like a black hole of time commitment, and will scare potential mentors away sometimes. Just reach out to ask, and don't require too much from them.

Big ideas are just a lot of little steps.

Don't be afraid of really big ideas. When the idea strikes, just figure out the next step. Maybe you have an idea for something that you have no experience with. It may seem that you should leave it to someone else who knows about it. But that could also be your life changing opportunity you gave up because you were too afraid to try and figure it out.

Richard Branson was running a music empire. One day he had his own idea of how airlines should be, and the same day he secured the 1st airplane of the Virgin Air fleet. He didn't back away like many of us would. He got on the phone and started to ask around about what the next step would be. He worked up a deal to lease a plane so he could try his concept out. The rest is history. He's got Virgin Air and even Virgin Galactic.

Just start to talk to people about your ideas. Even if you are unsure where to go with them yourself, someone will know what the next step is.

You don't need permission

No has to tell you you're ready, you choose that. Learn as much as you can and start applying what you know. Get social and start sharing your dreams with people who are smarter than you. Odds are much better that people will get excited to help you bring your vision to life than try to steal it.

What do you want to bring to the world this year? Is it overwhelmingly huge? Great, go for it. What's the next step? Send an email? Make a phone call?

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You're 2 Steps Away from Becoming an Idea Machine

Posted by Steve Ferris on 23 December 2014


Wouldn't it be sweet to be able to always have multiple ideas to solve whatever problems life threw at you? What if you could be that person everybody came to because your thinker light bulb was always turned on. Yes, that would be sweet, but we don't need to wish for that. Your "idea muscle" works the same as any other muscle. These idea workouts will turn you into an idea machine.

I've been having a great time reading "Choose Yourself" by James Altucher. One of his points is creating a daily practice of being healthy, well-rested, positive and grateful. This foundation sets you up for greater creativity. There are two practices in particular James says we should do.

Step #1: Write 10 ideas everyday

Pick anything. 10 ideas on how to make a better bike pedal, how I can make new friends, how my mom can travel more. It can be anything. Don't try to think of great ideas, just focus on getting 10. This will make your brain sweat a bit. Over time you will have accumulated 1000's of ideas. A few of those will be great. In your daily life, this brain workout will cause your overactive brain to settle down and stop running all over like a confined 4 year old child hyped up on candy.

Step #2: Read or skim multiple books a day

Pick a few books that are totally unrelated. A biography of someone you admire, a novel, a business book and a book about something that interests you, but you have no knowledge about it, tribal masks? When you are throwing all these unconnected ideas into your brain, it will start to draw lines of connection and creating new ideas. It's like all those ideas start making baby ideas. Amazing, freaky stuff is happening in our heads.

Here is James Altucher saying more about his process.



or read his blog, where he says everything better than I did.

How have you come up with great ideas? Tell us in the comments.

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5 Easy Brain Hacks You Can Do Now

Posted by Steve Ferris on 22 December 2014

Brain_hack_featured_imageIdeas are the currency of this age we live in now. Your brain is your biggest asset, so you should pamper it as much as you can to keep it in prime shape. These simple brain hacks will help to reduce brain fatigue and keep your thinking focused and clear. 


Easy enough? Now go be awesome and make some money!

What's for go to brain hack when your mentally strained? Tell us in the comments.

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