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Podcast: Adventure Box: Build/play RPG games in your browser

Posted by Steve Ferris on 09 December 2014



We love games here at StarupCabin, and this one is very cool. Xue Mei got to talk with Christopher Kingdon about Adventure Box and the development process of this innovative game. His team has decades of experience, and there are some valuable points to be learned for anyone in the gaming/app market. 


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Description and features

Adventure Box is a voxel-based RPG that can be played in the browser. There are two ways to play the game:

As an Adventure Maker you can create worlds, design their terrain, seas and skies, and then fill them with villages, towns, people and monsters, to create stories and adventures. You can also use portals to connect your worlds to other worlds created by Adventure Makers.

As an Adventure Player you can create your own character and set off to explore the universe of worlds created by other players and by the Adventure Box team. You’ll level up your character by defeating monsters, completing quests, and discovering hidden loot.

Currently the game is in the closed alpha testing stage – but we’re inviting new alpha testers each week, so if you’d like to sign up for a chance to get early access, submit your email address above.

Cool points to remember:

  • 50 games are released for every 1 movie.
  • Take yourself out of app market if you can because it can be impossible for people to find you in that jungle.
  • If you get funding, remember that everything will cost more than you think. Try to budget for 1/3 of what you think it will cost. This way the funds last longer, and it keeps people from installing slides in their office (they didn't say that, that's me-Steve. What's with the slides?)


Also referenced in this episode was Steve Blank, who is a dominate voice in the Lean Startup movement. He has lots of info at his site

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