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4 apps teaching you to bootstrap your personal finances

Posted by Xue Mei Rhodin on 13 July 2014

4 apps to start teaching yourself better financial habits now. You'll thank yourself as a person and entrepreneur later.

Start with bootstrapping your own budget first, then your company.

The market for financial apps for companies are not yet that developed.
But there are plenty of great personal finance apps that help you budget your life and start to understand your spending habits and the impact it has.

Use them. Draw insights from it.
Teach yourself to bootstrap you personal finances and see the effect. Then you can start applying it on your company. Starting on a smaller scale will just make it that much easier to apply it in business later.

1. Tink


Tink is a swedish startup founded by Daniel Kjellén and Fredrik Hedberg. They got 50 000 users (even more downloads) the first week after launching. The app makes it pretty easy with automated categories and simple ways to put up budgets and get notifications if you are about to go over your budget. Click the picture to see their features.



I met the guys behind Toshl when I was living in San Francisco in 2012. We met at their celebration party for getting a spot at 500 Startups, the well-known accelerator for Silicon Valley startups. The Toshl founders are actually from Poland, Matic Bitenc and Miha Hribar. The app is very cute and friendly in it's tonality which differs alot from other finance apps. Click the picture to see their features.



Swedish startup founded by Erik Akterin, George Friedman. What I'm missing on their site is a blog about personal finance, that teach you more about what you can do to become a better budgeteer. Similar to Tink they link to your bank, categorize the purchases and help you set budgets. The founders actually met when working at Avanza, on of Swedens largest online banks, developing their platform. Click the picture to see their features.


Screenshot_2014-07-13_13.37.41 is the largest one in this market. An american startup that, event if you don't want to use it, has a great blog to learn more about personal finances. I wish the other finance apps would do this and create great lists on how users can maxmimize their use of the apps. Click the picture to see their features.


Read more about how latte taught me to bootstrap my companies.




xuemeirhodinphotoXue Mei Rhodin is a multi-entrepreneur, founder/CEO and business strategy adviser at and several other companies. When she’s not speaking to an audience, sketching roadmaps for her clients or building new companies, you’ll find her with the bulldogs, the newest FPS games and the champagne.
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Know more european finance startups that we should mention? Comment below!

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